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Canada’s First Choice for Portable Stairs

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Step Up to a High Level of Safety – All models of AdjustaStairs feature self-levelling steps, so your feet are always planted on a flat high-grip surface, when the unit is installed within a generous range of angles – from 25° to 50°. And when the unit is completely packed-down, the steps virtually disappear into the unit, for compact transportation.

The Increments Matter – Each AdjustaStair model has a very flexible range of adjustable length, so you can place your portable stairs at the perfect angle for the height you want to reach.

Benefits in Summary

* Safe and instant temporary staircase solution – far superior to traditional wooden worksite steps or dangerous standard ladders.
* Weight rating range from 300kg (661lbs) to 500kg (1102lbs), depending on the model.
* Compliant with CCOHS recommendations and regulations.
* An easy two-person installation and removal job.
* NBCC 2010 compliant.

Heavy vehicle variation also available, for a better option than standard truck trailer ladder.

Sample uses – access for trench diggers, builders, oil and gas technicians, infrastructure workers, excavation teams, and anyone else who needs temporary access with the stability of permanent stairs.



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