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Types of Ladders and Height Access: Choosing the Right Solution

At SafeSmart we understand that no two jobs are the same. This means that the types of ladders or any other solution for working at height you choose should be driven by several site based factors and geared towards maximising productivity, efficiency and safety onsite.

Here are our 5 top picks:

  1. Height – It is important to consider the height requirements of your project when looking into the types of scaffolding you may require. While aluminum scaffolding offers more flexibility and mobility onsite, you are better off investing in our Proscaf steel scaffolding for multi-storey builds.
  2. Mobility – How often does your height access solution have to be moved a day? Tricky scaffolding assembly means increased down time onsite. This means you're losing money. Learn more about SafeSmart's aluminum scaffolding.
  3. Flexibility – Unless you're purchasing for a specific job, you're probably looking for a height access solution that can be reconfigured to different sites. Our Proscaf system can be assembled into countless configurations and repurposed easily. Learn more.
  4. Compliance – Risk of ownership is an important factor to all key stakeholders within a project. Choosing the right work equipment and select collective measures to prevent falls can help mitigate unforeseen and expensive circumstances. Consider environmental factors, too. For example, the types of ladders available may vary based on whether it is used outside, or around specific dangers, such as electricity. In this case, a non-conductive fibreglass option would be compliant.
  5. Durability – Never skint on quality, especially on collective control measures that have high impacts on the risk assessments of your site.

Height Access Solutions - Tailored to Specification

As a global provider of safety compliant height access solutions across defence, industrial, construction and mining sectors, SafeSmart Access has the experience and product know-how to match your specific needs against the cost effective height access solutions.

Learn more about our custom solutions and the process we undertake to ensure that our solutions meet your key objectives.

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