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Into Ontario: Enabling Safe Aircraft Maintenance

SafeSmart, An Essential Part of Canadian MRO

Running an airline, an MRO business, or operating a squadron of defence aircraft is a high-pressure task. In the civil sector, safety is an obvious factor for the reputation of your brand. But there’s no time to waste on the ramp either. You need to be able to get your aircraft back up the air to keep the money coming in. And in defence, high levels of aircraft maintenance standards mean a force that is always ready.

In Canada, safety standards are high, both in the air and on the ground. You need to protect your engineers, mechanics and technicians, too. With the majority of worksite injuries and deaths occurring from at height locations, you need to make sure that your staff are safe. Canadian air operators look to SafeSmart Access to help them work at height safely.


Solid Relationships

SafeSmart Access don’t just dabble in aviation. Across Canada, we are seen as a trustworthy and authoritative partner in helping improve the safety and efficiency of airbase and airport ramps. 

With Canada being the third-biggest employer per capita in the world in aviation manufacturing and MRO, the competition is high. And this includes the manufacturing of aircraft maintenance stands, platforms and other GSE. A good chunk of these industries are based in Ontario, which also features Canada’s biggest airport and air force base respectively. SafeSmart are there, well-embedded into the aviation landscape, and are in constant consultation with some of the world’s biggest names in aviation, and clients such as:

  • Bombardier
  • Boeing
  • Eurocopter Canada
  • Bell Helicopters
  • Air Canada
  • WestJet
  • WestJet Encore
  • STARS Air Ambulance
  • Jazz Aviation
  • Certified Aviation and many other Canadian MRO operators


The Safe and Smart choice in Canadian Aviation

SafeSmart Access are the leaders in Ontario, Quebec and greater Canada, due to:

  • Custom-designed aircraft maintenance platforms that fit around each aircraft perfectly, without dangerously touching the skin of the aircraft.
  • An in house design facility featuring drafts people who understand the needs of the ramp and hangar, as well as with each aircraft’s needs and physical features.
  • High quality manufacturing of height access solutions that are robust yet often easy to hand-manoeuvre around the ramp and hangar.
  • Complete compliance – SafeSmart Access understand the safety regulations of all continents. So if your MRO business has several global branches, you can know that our products are compliant before you receive them anywhere in the world.
  • Free onsite assessment, measurements and consultation.
  • A fast turnaround time from measure to design to build to delivery.


Call the Canadian Experts in Portable GSE, for Efficient Aircraft Maintenance

Whether you are part of the many MRO companies in Ontario, or operate an aviation entity anywhere in Canada, see SafeSmart Access about aircraft maintenance stands or any other solutions that will help you gain efficiency and increase safety.