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Aluminum Z Stairs & Truss Beams

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Aluminum Z Stairs & Truss Beams

Get more from your H-frame scaffolding by adding a sturdy stairway – SafeSmart’s Aluminum Z Stairs beats a standard ladder hands-down; it allows you to ascend and descend with a hand free to carry tools, and the treads comfortably accommodate your whole feet, so you can maintain better balance for fall protection.

Made by SafeSmart, these stairs are light enough to be carried by one person, yet strong enough to take the weight of both one person as well as their tools, without warping or bouncing. An inner-platform guardrail is also available, as well as external and internal handrails.

Also, add our aluminum truss beams to our scaffolding system. Rated for nearly 1.5 tonnes across a 39' 4" span, they are easy to connect to any scaff system with couplers.

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Aluminum Z Stairs & Truss Beams

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