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A Quality Attic Ladder for Canadian Homes

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Attic Ladder

Start making better use of your attic space. But make sure that access to it isn’t risking injury or creates a bulky obstacle in your home.

SafeSmart Access are Canada’s leaders in height access, so it’s only natural that we supply an attic ladder that leads the market for safety, ease of use and space-saving. Featuring a 1.4"-thick insulated door to help prevent heat loss and invisible fasteners, this unit integrates discreetly into any ceiling; it is also paintable, so you can match your chosen ceiling colour.

Heavy duty hinges provide stability and strength, and a nice smooth opening and closing action is enabled by an adjustable door spring.

This attic ladder is made by SafeSmart Access, with rubber feet to remain stable on and to protect floors. And it is safe to climb thanks to its non-slip coarsely-grooved treads.

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Attic Ladder

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