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Craneable Stair Towers

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Craneable Stair Towers

From our specialist scaffold division, SafeSmart Scaffolding, Proscaf is our very own modular bolt-free scaffolding system. And it can be designed and configured to form just about any structure, like these craneable stair towers.

To save time and space on the worksite, these systems can be assembled elsewhere, and then quickly craned into position. Certified lifting points are incorporated into each design, for full compliance during installation. And these towers can be easily integrated in to a bigger system built from Proscaf or any other similar rosette-connected system.

There are two options for the use of stairs – either our Z Stairs (65' 7" height) or our stretcher stairs (19’ 8”). In some cases, these towers can be embellished using our AdjustaStairs portable stairs product, for safer access to headstocks.

Independently engineered and certified, our stair tower designs are ready to help all Canadians get the job done fast and safely.

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Craneable Stair Towers

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