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From Canada’s Maintenance Platform Specialists

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The Bridge Deck was conceived for a client who needed a safer way to scale plant machinery during maintenance. This kind of machinery presents slipping and fall dangers, as critical areas for maintenance are positioned over irregular-shaped surfaces. But SafeSmart found a way to get workers up close to the working area without actually standing on the machinery – and part of the answer was already present in SafeSmart’s range: the Super Maintenance Platform (SMP).

In this case, SafeSmart designed and manufactured an adjustable bridging deck for connecting to SMPs together, complete with rails for fall protection. The entire system can be wheeled up to plant equipment in one piece in seconds, and then locked into place.

For machinery that requires customized height access due to unique shape, height or sensitive surfaces, SafeSmart’s custom shop can take measurements at your site, design in-house and manufacture in-house. We also offer personalized training for your custom system.

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