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The Ultimate in Over Desk Access

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SafeSmart understands the challenges of needing to gain access to height in indoor situations. This is why our Desksurfer has become very popular with Canadian electricians, HVAC technicians, maintenance contractors and anyone else who needs quick and safe height access over desks and other obstacles, without the need to move anything or disturb occupants’ daily activities.

The Desksurfer designed to be easily wheeled through standard-width doorways and elevator doors by hand. To use, simply setup the unit in seconds, wheel it to where you want to be—the platform will cantilever 35.4" over desks—and start working – excellent for changing fluorescent lighting tubes, cleaning airconditioning vents or running IT-related cabling from the ceiling and more. No more dangerous climbing on furniture! The wheel base rolls under the desk, and is designed to provide full stability.

The top handrail is insulated to reduce electrical danger, and a handy tool tray eliminates having to climb up and down to change tools. The platform height is adjustable, from approximately 0.9m to 1m.

For transportation, the Desksurfer folds down to 25.6" x 53.1" x 75.3" – easily place the unit in a small van or station wagon to take to the next job. Or store it away in the building until it’s needed next. Ultra-strong aluminum construction.

To find out more about this leading over desk access product, select the standard or Maxi version and click ‘Enquire’ or ‘Get a Quote’ now.


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