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Canada’s First Choice for Double Width Portable Stairs

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AdjustaStairs Double

This jumbo-sized portable stair system has all the same features as our AdjustaStairs, with the added efficiency of two-way access for several contractors.

AdjustaStairs portable stairs are excellent for temporary batter access, access into trenches, pits, excavations and between multi-level construction site floors. And the unit can safely accommodate a variance of pitch angles, thank to its self-levelling stair treads – always a flat surface underfoot.

At a width of 47.2", this system saves time on site, as contractors are not waiting on each other whilst the stairs are being used. And the unit is weight rated at a substantial 1100lb, with a large truss underneath, so carrying tools is also completely safe to do.

To transport to and quickly redeploy in other locations, the handrails collapse in one easy movement – only two people are required to carry it by hand.

Featuring 14 steps, with height adjustability from 8' 6" to 11' 9" double-width AdjustaStairs can also be craned onto site via its lifting points, for when placement is in tighter or less-safely-accessible by foot.

Made by SafeSmart. For delivery across Canada, call us, or click ‘Enquire’ or ‘Get a Quote’ now.

AdjustaStairs Double

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