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Canada’s Premium Mobile Maintenance Platform

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EasyRaise Platform

As one of SafeSmart’s flagship off-the-shelf products, the EasyRaise platform brings heightened work area safety and efficiency to all industries. For carrying out low-level-height tasks, this system is easily wheeled around by hand and deployed in seconds.

Made for high-tensile aluminum for weight reduction, yet high strength, the EasyRaise can be height-adjusted with a simple manual winch; as the platform raises, it also cantilevers proportionally, so you can access over protruding obstacles without dangerous leaning or overreaching. Height adjustment range is 55.1" to 110.2" platform heights.

The unit is weight rated at a hefty 496lb SWL, with a deck dimension of 3' 3" x 3' 3" – plenty of strength for years of performance, and room to place tools to eliminated climbing up and down to change them.

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EasyRaise Platform

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