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Take Safety Steps – Engineered Products

Safely accessing and egressing industrial facilities is a science of its own and more attention than ever is being paid to how well these facilitates are laid out. In the past, expensive carbon steel platforms and stiles (stepovers or crossovers) were fabricated on site with whatever material come to hand. These days, that’s simply not good enough.

Enter the SafeSmart Access Engineered products line up of modular aluminum platforms, stiles and walkways. No need to coat or weld, simply bolt together and place on site. Need to re-locate it? Simply unbolt it and move it. We have studied the legislation and become familiar with the OH&S policies for many large industrial companies and can help you stay on budget, within the policies and on schedule with our in-stock program.

For an industrial platform or any other specialized height access solution, that supplier is SafeSmart Access.

SafeSmart service all of the Canada, Alaska and the northern states of the US, with onsite consultations and a knowledge of all industries’ individual requirements. If you have any enquiries about our capabilities, get in touch with us now.

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Up and Over, Around or Through

For the factory floor, around an oil and gas facility, or anywhere else foot traffic needs to be safely directed, SafeSmart Access can provide premium quality and compliant pedestrian access.

No matter what shape or size the obstacles the working environment throws at us, our engineered access products, particularly those that result from our custom capabilities, help set out clear boundaries around the plant and help to prevent tripping over ground-mounted piping or uneven surfaces. Examples of what we provide in this category are:

  • Aluminum access platforms
  • Valve access platforms
  • Pipe rack egress
  • Industrial catwalks Stiles
  • Modular access platforms
  • Pre-engineered access platforms

A Reassuring Presence

For any business, anywhere in Canada, SafeSmart Access can visit your site and perform an obligation-free site safety audit . Our in-house design team is confident in creating your access products by correspondence from afar, however it is our willingness to visit you that sets us apart. Hundreds of clients from across Canada, Alaska and the US northern states now rely on us for informed advice and quality manufacture and installation guidance.

Canada’s Premier Industrial Platform Place

If you have any enquiries about any pre-engineered products that fall under the industrial platform category, get in touch with us now.