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Mini Mobile Scaffolding Expansion Options

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Mini Mobile Expansion Scaffold

SafeSmart’s Mini Mobile Scaffold has brought more flexibility and height access safety to thousands of workers who need proper scaff-style access in tight or indoor spaces.

Now, even more versatility can be added via these expansion products.

The most notable add-on product is the All-Terrain Stair Pack. Gain access to heights over uneven ground, some on-gradient surfaces and stairwells. Reach cavities and voids that were previously unreachable. Easy adjustability accommodates a variance of stair heights – simply move the adjustable height castors and foot-lock them into place for stability and safety – an adjustment range of approximately 47".

Or get more from your compact scaffolding by adding a corner pack or a long board pack, available in various lengths. The core system, and its embellishment packs, are all compliant with stringent Canadian codes for working at height.

Select a product from the drop-down and then click ‘Get a Quote’ or ‘Enquire’ to find out more.

Mini Mobile Expansion Scaffold

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