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The First Choice Ladder for Utilities and Emergency Services

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Powermaster Extension Ladder - FED

Popular with fire departments, utilities companies and anyone else who works around live electricity and needs a strong yet hand-portable ladder. Why? Because Branach manufactures their products in Australia, with only the highest quality fibreglass, for the ultimate in conductivity prevention, and their products are designed to be compliant to all regional safety codes for where they are deployed.

From the rails to the stiles, full box construction means a greatly-reduced possibility of twisting and swaying, even at full extension. For non-paved ground, the unit features gravel spikes, and swivel feet allow for a greater amount of safety at several pitch angles. D-shaped rungs provide comfort underfoot, and a spring rope enables quick, easy and smooth extension and retraction.

Features 331lb weight rating and is available in several models, from 12' 9"/20' 11" to 16' 8"/28' 10" (closed/extended).

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Powermaster Extension Ladder - FED

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