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Stay Safe When Accessing Truck Heights and More

Simplify Your Site 1 – SafeLoader

Long truck trailers, train wagons and the like can be dangerous objects to work around. When a heavy vehicle with cargo, for example, arrives on site, loading and unloading of goods can present serious dangers for personnel, particularly for those who need to climb aboard to access or tie down freight. Often, the goods upon the vehicle occupy most of the standing area, so workers may resort to standing on narrow, slippery or irregularly-shaped features of the vehicle itself, which presents a heightened likelihood of injury or even death, not to mention costly downtime. How does a company efficiently eliminate these dangers and increase productivity at the same time? SafeSmart Access Canada have the answer. Read on:

SafeSmart’s SafeLoader platform essentially temporarily extends the width of the vehicle’s standing area so the user has plenty of room to manoeuvre and is protected from falls by welded rails.


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