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Sliding Extension Ladder - Aluminum-Trade Series

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Sliding Extension Ladder - Aluminum-Trade Series

From SafeSmart’s world-renowned Trade Series comes this popular sliding extension ladder that Canadian trades swear by.

For fast and safe height access, this ladder features comfortable large D-shaped rungs all the way to the top step. And a simple rope system is operated by one hand for quick retraction and extension, along with a smart rope tensioning device for perfect tension. Hard-wearing feet are guaranteed to resist years of wear and tear, and an ergonomically-shaped side extrusion makes handling easy.

Constructed in lightweight yet robust aluminum, this unit is also available as an electrically-safe fibreglass extension ladder.

At a substantial 331lb weight rating, this ladder is ready for work, and lots of it. Compliant Canadian codes for working at height, and available in three models/height ranges. ‘Enquire’ or ‘Get a Quote’ now.

Sliding Extension Ladder - Aluminum-Trade Series

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