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Temporary Stairs for All Situations

And All Industries’ Applications

Canada’s industrial activities are diverse. And with a growing output from industries such as automobile manufacturing, construction and aviation maintenance and manufacturing, there are added pressures to get more work done. This of course affects the safety of a worksite or factory.

For example, in construction, the environment constantly changes, and access to pits and newly-built heights is necessary. And it is often only temporary. The same applies to maintenance workshops dealing with vehicles or aircraft coming and going. Accessing those heights properly can be seen to be a burden on time and money. But it affects the welfare of contractors. To alleviate this, look to SafeSmart Access, Canada’s first-choice for portable and temporary stairs.

Right across Canada, Alaska and the US northern states, SafeSmart’s lightweight yet robust products can be seen helping businesses gain safe access to heights as well as increasing their efficiency. To be next, get in touch with us .

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Take the Step with SafeSmart

Whatever industry you operate in, SafeSmart Access provide strong yet easily-manoeuvrable temporary stairs, jump form stairs, stretcher stairs, maintenance stairs and other portable stair options, for quick and safe:

  • Access to trucks, trains and other large vehicles for loading or maintenance
  • Access to voids for contractors where permanent stairs have not been built yet, or where materials and tools need transporting to several levels of a worksite
  • Access to fixed wing and rotary aircraft for MRO activities
  • Temporary pedestrian access during events or during public works
  • Access to anything from anywhere on a temporary basis

Compliance and Reliance

Whether you buy an existing design ‘off the shelf’ or commission our custom design and build capabilities, all products that are delivered to our customers are compliant with all applicable regulations, as defined by each product’s purpose. And to help you comply, we offer onsite training on the correct installation and storage of our temporary stairs. We also provide documentation upon request, should your project hinge on proving the safety of the products used.

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