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Trade Series Dual Purpose Ladder - Aluminum

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Trade Series Dual Purpose Ladder - Aluminum

Upon first glance, it’s a stock-standard ladder like you see on any worksite. But look a little closer, and you’ll see something more. This staple item for any worksite, for serious trades or for home users, is manufactured using high-quality aluminum and features a weight rating of 331lb.

The feet we use to cap-off these ladders are made from an extremely hard-wearing rubberized composite, for extended longevity. And the side arms are braced to provide increased rigidity as well as a handy place to put your tool tray. The ladder can be use in standard ‘A-Frame’ position or as an un-expanded straight format for reaching into higher yet tighter spaces.

To guard against accidental dislodging, a secure locking latch is added. This ladder provides the ultimate in performance, work efficiency gains and economy, all wrapped up in one unit.

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Trade Series Dual Purpose Ladder - Aluminum

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