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From a Platform Ladder to Scaffolding

Bring Safe Height Access to You Construction Site with SafeSmart

Are you in charge of how work at height is undertaken on your site?

The construction sector places several safety regulations which hold employers, managing agents, contractors, principal contractors, site foremen and the self-employed responsible.

Non-compliance can lead to heavy penalties and unexpected costs. Whether you’re looking to utilize a platform ladder or work on top of a high scaffold, compliance is a benefit to you.

Have You Conducted a Risk Assessment?

All work at height needs to be planned in advance to the work activity, with careful consideration placed on the selection and use of access equipment.

There are several considerations to ensure a safe worksite:

  • Proper planning and infrastructure for work at height
  • Competence of those involved in work at height
  • A clear assessment of risks and selection of appropriate work equipment
  • Proper control of risks raised by fragile surfaces
  • Proper inspection of work at height equipment

Speak to SafeSmart about our industry specific construction scaffolding, platform ladder or portable stairs solutions, built according to regulations and specifications uniquely relevant to your industry.

Quality Construction Scaffolding and Height Access Solutions

Relevant Products

Popular Construction Scaffolding

Need the basics for your site? Explore products most commonly supplied to the construction industry:

    • Mobile Scaffolding – Our comprehensive catalogue of off-the-aluminum shelf aluminum and steel scaffolding are convenient, easy to assemble and flexible to your onsite requirements.
    • Ladders – With a versatile and broad range of ladders, SafeSmart has the tool for every application imaginable.
    • Edge Protection Systems – SafeSmart’s catalogue of safety compliant edge protection systems are geared towards maintaining safe construction sites, while allowing your team maximum access where possible.

Perhaps you’re looking for a more custom height access solution? Give us a call or enquire online to speak with our friendly and capable team about your specific requirements.

Measure - Design - Build

In addition to our standard range of products we also offer customers the option to custom design their equipment for projects with unique requirements.


Get the job done safely and efficiently. Your project success is our business success, so trust Australia's authority in height access for fitting out your site.


Inquire today for more information on our custom capability.